Rum Shops & The Festival

Why a Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival?

The Caribbean comprises of small islands & large land masses. Whilst every country may have its own special characteristics, there is an institution which can be found across any self-respecting Caribbean territory: The Rum Shop.

Rum Shops are simple buildings, sometimes built on the side of someone’s home. They will have a few tables & an assortment of chairs and the inside & outside are usually festooned with rum & beer branding. Inside a Rum Shop you will find the local rum, the local beer & some amazing local eats.

The Rum shop is where everybody and anybody is welcome to come relax, shoot the breeze & slam some dominoes.

OldBrigand Rum Shop
Banks Rum Shop

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is proud to pay homage to this unique, indigenous product that is the Caribbean Rum Shop.

Just like a Rum Shop, the Festival brings together Rum & Beer,  but being a Festival, we invite a host of Rum & Craft Beer producers and distributors to showcase their fabulous products to our patrons in a relaxed tropical atmosphere. We also throw in some great local food from the host country, add some music, cocktails and some intriguing rum & craft beer presentations, all of which creates an authentic and totally Caribbean experience.

The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is life ‘Caribbean style’ and we invite you to come experience the most chilled out Festival you are ever likely to encounter.

Plated Food